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This website outlines the need for, and defines to some degree of detail the parameters of, a plan that will allow St. Joseph’s College to fulfil its Vision and Mission in the decade to come. It is not, however, the plan itself. It is hoped that the plan itself will be, when it is finally drawn up and agreed, a co-operative effort that manifests the very best inputs of all those whom we may term stakeholders in the College. As was pointed out in discussions that were held in the process of creating this preliminary ‘plan for a plan’, St. Joseph’s belongs to all Josephians.

Nor is the ambit of stakeholders limited to those who may, in one sense or another, be described by that term. St. Joseph’s College is an important Roman Catholic institution and an important institution in Sri Lankan society, and the desiderata of these two stakeholder groups, each representing a plethora of sub-groups, may also be admitted into the planning process. Thus the process itself becomes an adventure in integration, one that may go some small way to healing any divisions that may have appeared in our congregation and society.

It is in this spirit, and with every hope of success, that we invite further inputs and support both for the planning process and for the implementation that will, we believe, see our beloved College rise to an eminence even greater than that it now commands, amply fulfilling its Vision and Mission as well as the hopes and conviction of its founders.

Please join with us in helping to make it so.
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