St. Joseph's College Colombo  
What we are trying to achieve          
Physical infrastructure
The basis for discussion is a proposal by architect Rajiv
Senanayaka. Discussion points include the following: future
construction needs and upgrading of existing buildings,
improvements to electrical and electronic (IT/communications)
connectivity, water supply and sanitation, environmental
protection, operation, maintenance and improvement.

Social relevance
Position the College and its products to meet the demands of the
coming 25 years – i.e. the next generation.

Vocational relevance
Anticipate job trends and demand and respond appropriately
within the ambit of national education policy to provide a solid
foundation for pupils in their ultimate career choices.

Moral relevance
Promote the spiritual and moral development of the boys under
our care in keeping with our motto, Inscientia et virtute

Generate sufficient financial resources to meet the objectives.
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