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Medium-Term Objectives  
Short-Term Objectives  
In order to meet the goals, a set of medium-term (ten years) objectives has been defined in each of the key areas of spiritual formation, education, sports, extracurricular activities, administration and funding. These are outlined below:

Spiritual formation
Initiatives in this area will be based on Church’s new outlook in Catholic education, as formalized by the 2002 World Congress of Catholic Educators, ‘A New Person for a New World’. The input of Church educators will be actively sought in this regard.
Educational objectives
Incorporate and support State educational policy and reforms
Establish a comprehensive English Medium
All students should be bilingual, literate in English and study a third language
All students should be computer literate; this implies general computer education for all
Parental participation
Participation by teachers
Participation by Old Boys
Career guidance programme for all Catholic schools
Introduce Business Studies as a subject and prepare them to become entrepreneurial
Consider providing classes for students wishing to qualify in the University of London O-level and A-level examinations
Consider introducing afternoon classes as needed
The goal here shall be to elevate existing standards. Inputs and plans will be sought from Sports Development Councils on the future projection of sports and standards, identifying the
sports facilities available
All pupils will be encouraged to participate in sports and to develop values of sportsmanship.
Extracurricular activities
Afford opportunities for comprehensive student participation, identifying if possible which areas are likely to be in greatest demand over the period
Administration and funding
Teachers and teaching
As part of its own task, a fund will be established with the twin objects of ensuring just remuneration for teachers, so that they may in turn achieve excellence in education for students, and introducing new communications and didactic aids (computers, audio-visual devices, etc.) to supplement existing teaching methods and to provide a range of opportunities for teachers’ professional development
More and better training for teachers
Improved teaching methods
The introduction of new teaching technology
Participation by the wider Josephian community
Create appropriate structures to enable every section of the Josephian community – boys, parents, teachers, old boys and management – to participate fully in achieving our vision
To finance activity leading to these objectives, the proposed Development Trust Fund will aim for a Rs.100 million target by 31 December 2010
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