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Over the years, the College has seen many changes. Like all enduring institutions, it has often been obliged to adapt to the needs and constraints of the historical moment. Yet in spite of these inevitable changes, St. Joseph’s has never deviated from its principal goal of producing men of faith, knowledge and virtue whose loved ones, fellow workers and society at large may safely rely upon, and from whose labours and advice they may continue to benefit as they have already done for well over a century.

Today, Sri Lankan society is in the throes of massive and rapid social and
economic change. Looking beyond our shores, we perceive a world
hardly less beset by alteration. The march of science brings new hopes
and new fears, while technology, universal in its adaptation, proclaims
moral challenges that are hard to quantify, yet must be tackled by
responsible people of all faiths. Similar challenges are posed by the
interpenetration of cultures in an increasingly globalized world. A school
such as St. Joseph’s, which seeks to fit men’s minds for society, must
take cognizance of all these factors, determine, if it can, the trends of
change and equip its students with the knowledge, skills and moral
armour they will need to live, achieve and thrive in the world they
shall inherit.

To do this, St. Joseph’s itself must change; and those whose
responsibility is the College must set off, drive and steer the process
of change. It is their duty to make a College that makes men fit for
the times, without losing or doing disservice to those unique
attributes that make St. Joseph’s and a Josephian what they are
in the first place, and always have been.

This website introduces a ten-year Master Plan for St. Joseph’s College. It covers all relevant areas of education and departments of the institution. It is presented to friends and benefactors of the College in the earnest hope that it will find favour with them; and that, should any defects or lacunae be perceived, they will be as forthcoming with their comments and criticism as with their support.
Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe
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