Ahieve excellence in education. The College shall remain one of Sri Lanka's finest educational institutions, fostering learning that promotes spiritual and human values. Thus St. Joseph's will continue to produce exemplary citizens willing and able to make a positive contribution in all spheres they inhabit: domestic, private, public, commercial, professional or entrepreneurial.
St. Joseph's College shall remain, as it has always been, the premier Catholic boys' school in Sri Lanka.

The Josephien school leaver shall be recognized and prefere ntially sought out by commercial, civil and political society in Sri Lanka, Asia and the world for his education, integrity and model citizenship; in particular, for his ability to put his talents to full use in pursuit of his goals and on behalf of his fellow men and women.
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  The model josephian        

In order to fulfil the vision and mission of the College, we must allow and plan for change, believing that our projections concerning the future (not only of the College but of Sri Lankan and global society) are as well-informed and accurate as might be reasonably expected.

If our vision is to consolidate and burnish St. Joseph’s reputation as the country’s leading Catholic boys’ school, then our mission is clear: we must achieve and maintain excellence in education, with all that this implies. If we succeed, that success must and will be exemplified by our product, the Josephian.

Naturally enough, then, we commence by defining our ideal: the Model Josephian. We recognize immediately that he is an exemplar, not a real person; all men (and boys) have their faults and weaknesses. Yet as an exemplar, the Model Josephian indicates clearly the shape of the product for which St. Joseph’s strives. Thus, in terms of this plan, he serves as the focus and purpose of all our efforts and provisions. Through him, or rather through many hundreds and thousands of boys very like him, the College will attain
its vision.

Accordingly, our planning process commences by identifying and defining the Model Josephian.

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